I Am Divine (Closing Night Gala)

Monday 05 August
Screen 1

85 mins
Director: Jeffrey Schwarz


Director Jeffrey Schwarz moved and inspired us at GAZE 2012 with the fantastic Vito, his documentary on Vito Russo. This year, he returns with a film about another queer legend, the riotous, extravagant, incredible Divine!

Born Harris Glenn Milstead, Divine never had it easy, growing up as an overweight gay teenager on the tough streets of Baltimore but he found his solace in his passions: food, hairdressing and all things outrageous, fabulous and shocking.

Sharing his passion for the weird and wonderful was his friend and neighbour, John Waters and their lifelong professional partnership has produced some of the most celebrated films in cult cinema history (Hairspray, Female Trouble, Pink Flamingos).

Combining archival footage from his days on set with Waters, and as a singer and club performer, with hilarious interviews given by his friends and an especially moving one from his mother, Schwarz presents us with a thoroughly rounded account of one incredible man’s life and work.