Interior. Leather Bar. and In Their Room: London (Double Bill)

Friday 02 August
Screen 1

60 mins / 34 mins
Director: James Franco, Travis Mathews; Travis Mathews


One of the biggest films on this year’s film festival circuit, Interior. Leather Bar. is an enigmatic film which presents itself as a recreation of the forty minutes of explicit footage cut from the 1980 film Cruising but is actually a different kind of filmic beast altogether. A curious mix of a documentary and a rehearsed reality-tv-style behind-the-scenes featurette, Franco and Mathews’ film will both stimulate and puzzle you.

In Their Room: London, Mathews’ second film at this year’s festival, is a collection of intimate portraits of gay men, who Mathews interviews in the personal setting of their bedrooms. The third in a series after San Francisco and Berlin, London gives us an insight into the complexities of male sexuality, much like his feature film I Want Your Love (GAZE 2012).

This double bill features sexually explicit imagery – viewer discretion advised.