Lesbiana: A Parallel Revolution

Monday 05 August
Screen 1

63 mins
Director: Myrian Fougère


Lesbiana follows some key players in the North American East Coast feminist movement from the 1970s to mid 1990s. With archival footage, photographs and inspiring interviews with the women involved, Fougère traces the ups and downs, the challenges and the triumphs of this scattered but resolute group of women.

Now in their seventies and eighties, this collection of writers, philosophers, activists, artists and musicians reflect on their years of political activity. Often with a self-critical eye, they recall their successes and failures in equal measure, and speak to the camera with as much feminist vigour now as they ever had.

An important film for feminists of all genders and sexualities, Lesbiana is a celebration of sisterhood and lesbian identity and a thoughtful reminder of the debt we owe the generations that strove before us.