Friday 2nd August

A Girl's Band


Friday 2nd August


Light House Cinema


‘I changed the bass for the camera’ — this statement from director Marilina Giménez solidified her creative manifesto when she left her lesbian punk band to make documentary film. However, though the medium through which she channelled her creativity changed, her mission remained the same — to use art as a form of rebellion and activism.

The result is A Girl’s Band — a raw, unpolished and intensely visceral portrait of the feminist music scene in Buenos Aires. Ferocious in its critique of society’s obsession with repressing female sexuality, the deep-seated control of the patriarchy and the ingrained misogyny of Latin culture, the film seethes with anger, yet pulsates with positivity; these women are making change through choons!

Weaving a portrait of unbridled femininity, sexuality and an enduring conviction to challenge prevailing social norms, A Girl’s Band will leave you furious, focused and ready to start a revolution. RG.

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Country: Argentina  /  Year: 2018  / Run Time: 83 Minutes / 

Director: Marilina Giménez

© 2017 GAZE International LGBT Film Festival / Designed - redmanAKA

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