Saturday 3rd August

Are You Proud?


Saturday 3rd August


Light House Cinema

Once a year, queers of all stripes come out of the closet and onto the streets to unashamedly fly the rainbow flag high: loud and proud. But on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, how much thought do Tesco, Google and Barclaycard give to the butch lesbians, drag queens, transfolk and femme gays who stood up against the New York cops?


Director Ashley Joiner’s richly detailed documentary encompasses the past, present and debates the future of LGBT+ communities in a post-Marriage Equality era. Featuring detailed interviews with contemporary activists, public figures and a plethora of queer liberation’s trailblazers, Are You Proud? is an incisive and intersectional documentary that revitalises debate and forces us out of our comfortable complacency. SMcG.

The screening will be followed by a discussion scrutinising Pride’s radical
roots of resistance, it’s rise in mainstream consciousness, and the complexities around it’s corporatization in contemporary society.

Presented in Partnership with the British Council.

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Country: UK  /  Year: 2019  / Run Time: 95 Minutes / 

Director: Ashley Joiner

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