Saturday 3rd August

Remembering Queer Trailblazers: Barbara Hammer



Saturday 3rd August


Light House Cinema

This year we lost one of the foremost radical lesbian filmmakers of our time — Barbara Hammer. A traiblazer of queer, feminist and activist film, her work intersected the experimental, narrative and documentary form.


As an early pioneer of video art, her unapologetic depictions of previously hidden lesbian sexuality emboldened and inspired generations of queer women. This year marks the tenth anniversary of her visit to GAZE Film Festival in 2009, and while we deeply mourn her passing, we are honoured to have the opportunity to celebrate her work, life and legacy; to exhibit her visionary provocations of the moving image form, and to introduce a new generation of film audiences to her work in a cinema context. RG.


1982, 33’

An intriguing deep cut from the Barbara Hammer archives, the filmmaker documents varying international audience perspectives to screenings of her films, providing a meta commentary on the programme to follow.


1974, 4’

Perhaps the most well known of Barbara’s visual works, Dyke Tactics endures as a perfectly formed, extremely memorable and pioneering expression of lesbian identity, desire and sexuality.


1978, 14’

Both deeply poetic and intensely physical in form, Double Strength performs the various stages of a lesbian relationship, through early passions, conflicts, break- ups and enduring friendship.


1975, 18’

Super Dyke is a whimsical tongue-in- cheek reflection on feminist liberation — affectionately composed and bearing witness to lesbian empowerment and visibility.


1979, 12’

Abstract and introspective, Dream Age reflects a 70-year-old lesbian feminist, taking her 40-year-old self on a quest to both explore and reflect upon her internal life.


2018, 9’

One of the final works from the Barbara Hammer canon, Evidentiary Bodies is a deeply meaningful and contemplative piece; an emotional yet sobering meditation that perfectly encapsulates her truth as a filmmaker.

Presented in partnership with Outburst Queer Arts Festival and the British Council.

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Form: Documentary / Experimental / Fiction / Country: USA /
Director: Barbara Hammer

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