Sunday 4th August

Being Impossible


Sunday 4th August


Light House Cinema


Delicate in its treatment of the intersex experience, Being Impossible is a strong, determined and thought-provoking inquiry into the nature of how we as human beings allow our physical beings to determine our mental and spiritual identities.

When her attempts to lose her virginity prove painful and infeasible, Ariel, a shy young dressmaker from rural Columbia, begins to question why her body is not performing in the womanly way she always understood it should. She soon discovers the truth — that she was born intersex and received many corrective surgeries as an infant in order to be raised a girl.

This revelation sends her on a journey of self-reflection and examination. She begins to discover her authentic self outside of normative gender binaries — a quest that encourages the audience to consider the societal and sexual norms forcing many to face a crisis when confronting their true identity. RG.

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Country: Colombia, Venezuela / Year: 2019  / Run Time: 99 Minutes  / 

Director: Patricia Ortega

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