Sunday 4th August

Call Her Ganda


Sunday 4th August


Light House Cinema



The new documentary film for GAZE alumni filmmaker PJ Raval (Before You Know It), Call Her Ganda is a powerful, provocative and textured documentary recounting the life and tragic death of Filipino trans woman Jennifer Laude.

Jennifer was 19 years old when she lost her life at the hands of a US marine,
who murdered her in cold blood upon discovering her trans identity. Her death sowed the seeds of a movement; seeking justice for Jennifer, and exposing double standards in both legislative and class systems. The film simultaneously presents a visceral and truthful account of the hate, prejudice and violence experienced by trans women, whilst contextualising an unsettling depiction of the legacy of colonialism, and portraying an empowering narrative of those on the periphery of society rising together, taking action and creating a positive change in the world. RG.

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Country: USA / Year: 2018  / Run Time: 93 Minutes  / 

Director: PJ Raval

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