Sunday 4th August



Sunday 4th August


Light House Cinema



Andrej is seventeen, aimless, and angry. His parents are exhausted, his anti-social outburst land him in a correctional facility for young men. In this centre, the language is violence. Andrej, who deep down is more lost than aggressive, does his best to hold his own. That is, until he meets Željko, the meaty bruiser who leads a gang that terrorizes the place. Željko answers to no- one, and recognising Andrej’s vulnerable desire, forms an intense, powerful and erotic hold over him.

Pushed to his limits, Andrej has to decide what is best for himself, or best for Željko. Director Darko Štante (who has first hand experience in a centre like the one depicted) delicately balances heady desire with the near-constant threat of reprisal. Beneath the naked aggression is a subtle depiction of a ruinous system on those who only need openness and help. SMcG.

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Country: Slovenia / Year: 2018  / Run Time: 95 Minutes  / 

Director: Darko Štante

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