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Drag Storytime is back, and this year our host Avoca Reaction will be beaming into your home via YouTube live. Join us for a Sunday Morning Story Time session from the GAZE pillow fort before choosing your own movie to watch online. This glamorous and fun literary event is for the little ones — Auntie Poppie’s storytime with a twist!


October 4th


Youtube Live




Funny, spooky stop-motion romp from the makers of Coraline with a central queer character. Perfect for your family Halloween viewing, we promise parents will love this one too.



One you might have missed in cinemas before lockdown, Pixar’s latest was released in early March this year. Features out lesbian actor and advocate Lena Waithe in a small role as a gay character in a sweet story about brotherly adventures. 


Paddington 2

While not canonically gay, no one could claim Hugh Grant’s film-stealing performance as Phoenix Buchanan is anything less than high camp. Despite that, he swerves years of nasty queer villain stereotypes, and is impossible not to love in the film’s all-pink prison chorus line closer. Besides, young Paddington’s mantra of “If you are kind and polite, the world will be right” is the message of acceptance and togetherness we all need today. 


In a Heartbeat (YouTube, short)

This crowd-funded animated short has racked up over 43 million views on YouTube for its simple depiction of a youngster’s first crush. You’ll soon see why - though you might wish for an extended sequel.


Out (Disney+, short)

A young man rehearses a nerve wracking conversation with his parents before they visit. This short from Pixar features Disney’s first ever main LGBTQ+ character.


Steven Universe and Adventure Time (TV series)

These two may be TV shows, but they’re way ahead of the curve. Adventure Time gave us one of the best queer relationships in animation with the totally-besotted Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, a goth-fairy dynamic for the ages. Meanwhile, the Steven Universe crew features queer couples and genderqueer characters, presented joyfully and without fanfare. Two funny, original, endearing shows for the whole family to enjoy.



Love, Simon

Love, Simon is groundbreaking in its normality. In many ways it’s your standard teen movie with high school drama, clean-cut actors, and a chart-friendly soundtrack. It’s hard to believe that this was the first film from a major Hollywood studio to focus on a queer teen romance as its central storyline. In 2018! But here we are, and we’re glad it’s a total delight.

A Secret Love

A poignant Netflix documentary which spans seven decades of a couple’s love, hidden from those around them their whole lives. This gentle, captivating film shines a light on the untold stories of older LGBTQ+ folks and their fight for acceptance. An educational watch.


The Way He Looks

This tender Brazilian release teases out a love story between two classmates in an unassuming, heartwarming fashion. We love this one for its inclusive representation beyond LGBTQ+ visibility - more of that please. 


Power Rangers

The classic superhero franchise’s most recent reboot sees the introduction of a queer Power Ranger in a central role. While the film doesn’t dwell too long on her story, it’s nonetheless an overdue step forward in the age of the comic book blockbuster.

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