Monday 5th August

Festival Friends Screening:

My Beautiful Launderette



Monday 5th August


Irish Film Institute

Our Festival Friends hold a special place in GAZE’s heart, many returning year after year to renew their investment in the GAZE mission — to celebrate the power of LGBT stories on film. Our Festival Friends are such an important part of the Festival that this year we launch our very first Festival Friends screening. The film voted for by the Festival Friends is My Beautiful Laundrette.

The film launched the screen career of actor Daniel Day-Lewis, and established
a new way of portraying gay and Asian characters in British drama. Ostensibly
a rites-of-passage story about a young Asian man’s entry into the hard world of Thatcherite enterprise, the film has never been equalled for its complex portrayal
of characters who are usually represented in polarised form. Best of all are the performances of Jaffrey, as the boy’s businessman uncle, and Shirley Anne Field as his mistress — these two truly embody all the contradictions which the film sets out to explore. AT.

Presented in Partnership with the Irish Film Institute.

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Country: UK / Year: 1985 / Run Time: 97 Minutes  / 

Director: Stephen Frears


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