Friday 2nd October

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Max and Victoria are boyfriend and girlfriend. They met in the Gaeltacht, and have been seeing each other for a few years. Victoria studies film and Max studies biotechnology. They also happen to both be trans. 

Tras is a radical little documentary for a few reasons, not least that it’s in the Irish language. But its power is in the quiet strength of the protagonists. As Max and Victoria grow up as their true selves, we watch the people around them adapt.

A Q+A with the director and protagonists will follow the film.

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#BLM (On Screen)



Washington, D.C., the heart of American politics, and a city of massive racial and income inequality. Check It, a hit on the festival circuit from 2016, follows a unique set of teens with diverse sexual and gender identities who form their own “gay gang,” to stand up for themselves. Mess with these queers, they fight back.


Beyond the initial novelty of “gay gangs” is a story of young people who are ready to challenge any obstacles they face, be it antagonism on the street or the limitations of what they’ve been told to expect in life. Though at times shocking, Check It is a documentary with a whole lot of heart.

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When Karen is left jilted by her older lover, D, she gets a set of keys and heads to D’s beautiful second home in the woods of Oregon. Karen heads out of LA to get some perspective, and more importantly, get their dog. But her solitude is quickly upended by the arrival of Lana, a girl-woman who seems young but is most certainly wily. Like all great narratives about disruptors, she is unexpected and curious, tantalizing but unwelcome. Karen doesn’t know what to do with her, and that’s only the start of things to come.

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Different lives, different stories but all with their own particular male gaze. Stories that will touch you and tickle you, and maybe even break your heart.


The Fall / dir. Sharon Anderson / Australia / 2019. 12’

For an aging boxer, a broken heart hits the hardest.


Memoirs of a Geeza / dir. Theo James Krekis / UK / 2019. 3’

A top lad recollects fights, friends and painting his toenails with his dad.


Dreaming Like Louis / dir. Valentin Merz Tanören / Switzerland / 2019. 19’

There is truth somewhere in Louis’s fantastical dreams, as he and Paul accept their reality is not what it seems.


Stalls / dir. João Dall'Stella / USA / 2019. 3’

The intermission is barely long enough to get a drink, let alone some frantic fellatio. 


From Last to First / dir. Navid Sinaki / USA / 2020. 5’

A hypnotic Iranian love story told through the magic of bootleg DVD menus.


Faragh/Void / dir. Jan-Peter Horstmann / Germany / 2020. 22’

Unspectacular sex and a scuffle between two men from very different backgrounds lead to some unexpected connections.


Sunday / dir. Arun Falara / India / 2020. 10’

A tale for right now: a haircut and the touch of gentle times.


Just Us / dir. Tom Birdsey / UK / 2019. 5’

Love told through memory and the cinematic thrill of rear-projection.


Jeff Drives You / dir. Aidan Brezonick / USA / 2019. 17’

They say that men love their cars, but what happens when the car loves you back?

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German with English Subtitles



For a film that’s 40 years old, Taxi zum Klo is an incredibly progressive snapshot of gay life in Berlin. Taxi zum Klo, meaning “taxi to the toilet” or “cab to the cottage”, follows Frank and his daily habits as a school teacher in West Berlin. A born chancer, he dutifully carries out his responsibility as an educator of Germany’s young minds. But when he falls for the adoringly domesticated affections of Bernd, how is Frank to balance this with his previous life of parties and boys? It’s the age old story of a gay man trying to have it all!

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