Friday 2nd August

Good Kisser


Friday 2nd August


Light House Cinema


Good Kisser is a sweet, sharp and utterly charming debut feature, which probes the question - what happens when you introduce an alluring, exotic and sophisticated stranger into your relationship for a three way fling with ‘no strings attached’?


Coerced into introducing a third into her relationship with long term girlfriend Kate, Jenna anxiously enters into a one night ‘arrangement’ with the beautiful and enigmatic Mia. Over the course of this sexually charged and flirtatious evening, seductions and intimacies are laid bare, insecurities revealed, and lies and misgivings brought to the surface, thrusting doubt onto Kate and Jenna as a couple.


A recipe for disaster by any stretch of the imagination, Good Kisser skilfully brings depth and complexity to this light hearted and comedic romp about the intricacies of relationships, and the nature of attraction. RG.

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Country: USA  /  Year: 2019  / Run Time: 80 Minutes  / 

Director: Wendy Jo Carlton

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