Sunday 4th August

Irish Shorts


Sunday 4th August


Light House Cinema

One of our favourite events of the year and the programme we hold dearest in
our hearts: we celebrate the power of film through these queer stories, encompassing the entire island of Ireland. Our annual reminder that when it comes to storytelling, the Irish always have a few tales to tell — and here are some of the best. SMcG.


Maya Derrington, Ireland, 2018, 4’

A woman walks into a party dressed as Frida Kahlo, only to find that her version of unique has mass appeal.


Nicky Larkin, Northern Ireland, 2019, 12’

A multicolour portrait of drag queen Cherrie Ontop, living with HIV in the age of the DUP.


Tara Hegarty, Northern Ireland, 2017, 8’

When a fisherman gets a bigger catch than usual, he gets another surprise from the sexy selky he’s landed.


Tom Speers, Ireland, 2018, 7’

A sumptuous short film of friendship and adoration between boys, based on a poem by Peter LaBerge.


Katie McNiece, Ireland, 2019, 17’

A hypnotic and beautiful love story between two women that crosses both time and space.


Finian Robbins, Ireland, 2019, 9’

When a father and son go out for a walk in the midlands, the conversation about the son’s choice of partner is not about the fact he’s a man, but the age-old question of “good stock”.


Sarah-Jane Drummey, Ireland, 2019, 12’

Powerful and emotional short about a family challenged by a break in tradition, not only in the realms of Irish dancing, but in how to love and do best by their child.



Gillian Callan, Northern Ireland, 2019, 23’

The fight for equality is not over, and nowhere closer than in Northern Ireland, delicately balanced between two nations — once again denied rights allowed in Britain and the Republic. This documentary demands our righteous anger once again.

The programme will be preceded by a special screening of Letter To My 14 Year Old Self (Brian Mulholland, Northern Ireland, 2016, 8’), in tribute to writer and activist Lyra McKee, who tragically lost her life this year. A beacon of light in the LGBT community in Ireland, her words and kindness helped so many, and she is missed.

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