Friday 2nd August

Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life


Friday 2nd August


Light House Cinema

When Jonathan Agassi arrived on the gay porn scene, in the 2000s, a new superstar of adult entertainment had arrived. He was hot, hard, playful and loved sex. Propelled into fame by Michael Lucas, Agassi was sometimes at odds with an industry that demanded a certain type of masculinity (Agassi is memorable for his inclusion in Michael Lucas’s porno-propaganda Men of Israel).

The film finds Agassi splitting his time between Tel Aviv and Berlin, surviving through paid appearances and escorting. But amidst the thrill of hedonism is a pain that can’t be satisfied through sex or drugs. With his ever-loving mother by his side, Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life is a searing and shocking documentary, handled with sensitivity by master documentarian Tomer Heymann, never shying away from the reality of what it means to live constantly in the extreme. SMcG.

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Country: Israel/Germany   /  Year: 2018  / Run Time: 106 Minutes / 

Director: Tomer Heymann

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