Monday 5th August

Closing Night Gala & Screening: JT Leroy



Monday 5th August

Gala - 7:00pm / Screening - 8:00pm

Light House Cinema


Director Justin Kelly brings the completley bonkers true story of JT Leroy to the screen for the first time in fiction form, capturing the human drama behind the headlines of the ‘literary hoax of our generation’.

Laura Albert (Laura Dern) uses the avator of JT Leroy in her writing - a queer- identifying runaway from the fringes of society. When JT’s debut novel becomes
a critically acclaimed best seller, Laura endeavours upon a unique way to bring JT to life, without divulging the truth behind the character’s mystique. Enter Savannah (Kristen Stewart), her boyfriend’s quiet, androgynous sister, whose affinity with Laura’s feminist punk ethos allow her to be absorbed into her anarchic world, and manipulated into playing the part of JT.


Taking both of them on a transformative (and totally insane!) adventure, JT Leroy portrays perfectly the fluidity of identity, the absurdities of Hollywood, and the insidious and ephemeral nature of fame, in a riotous ride and perfect closing film. RG.

Supported by Lillet BLanc.

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Country: USA / Year: 2018  / Run Time: 108 Minutes  / 

Director: Justin Kelly

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