Saturday 3rd August

Jules of Light & Dark


Saturday 3rd August


Light House Cinema


Hinging on the unlikely relationship developed between two lost souls brought together through unfortunate circumstance, Jules of Light and Dark demonstrates the unique connection articulated through queer isolation, and the power of these ties that bind.


Set in the rural backwaters of Texas, young lovers Maya and Jules’ lives are changed forever in the wake of a car accident, where they are rescued from the wreckage by the stoic blue collar Freddy, a man quietly tortured by his repressed desires.

While Maya and Jules’ relationship is adversely affected by the incident, Freddy and Maya forge an unlikely bond, through which both discover parts of their identity previously concealed.


An earnest and admirable feature debut from director Daniel Laabs, it is rich and elegantly formed, and shimmers with the hope that the richness of kindred connection can weather any storm, and bring you to a deeper understanding with yourself. RG.

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Country: USA / Year: 2018  / Run Time: 85 Minutes  / 

Director: Daniel Laabs

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