Saturday 3rd August

Let Your Colours Run Free


Saturday 3rd August


Light House Cinema

Supporting the work of our Irish LGBT community stands of great importance to the ethos of GAZE, and the opportunity to showcase the inspirational work of local heroes is one we are truly privileged to have with Let Your Colours Run Free. Charting the path of TransGreystones, a group created to support the trans community in Wicklow, the film delineates their emotional journey to create their first art exhibition.

Heartening in its depiction of subjugating vulnerability and isolation, the film
explores the ability of human beings to overcome adversity and break down barriers - universal themes which stir the consciousness of our trans family. Pursuing the notion that through viewing documentary, an audience can gain a deeper understanding of the trans and non-binary community, the film stimulates a deep connection and common ground, and encourages conversation around identity, authenticity and living your own truth. RG.

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Country: Ireland  /  Year: 2019  / Run Time: 68 Minutes / 

Director: Simon Blanckensee & Don Rorke

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