Friday 2nd August



Friday 2nd August


Light House Cinema



WARNING: Flashing images and strobe effects throughout.

This assured debut feature by Gregor Schmidinger is a feast for the senses: head spinning visuals layered with a pulsating techno soundtrack take us and our protagonist on a heartracing trip to Nevrland.

Young Jakob has followed his father into the family trade: butchery. Solitary by day, he hoses down emptied carcasses of meat. By night he silently connects to the world of webcamming, his pixelated body transmitted across continents. One night he encounters the torso of Kristjan, a handsome and self-assured man in his 20s, not far from Jakob’s home in Vienna. Prepared to meet the elusive stranger, Jakob journeys out to meet Kristjan,

and somewhere between fantasy and reality, the road to Nevrland emerges. A sexy and sensorial debut, Nevrland is a psychological coming of age drama that will stay with you long after the lights come up. SMcG.


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Country: Austria  /  Year: 2019  / Rin Time: 88 Minutes / 

Director: Gregor Schmidinger

© 2017 GAZE International LGBT Film Festival / Designed - redmanAKA

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