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Exciting opportunity for an LGBTQ+ filmmaker!

We're thrilled to be partnering with The Darkroom to offer a paid workshop weekend for filmmakers wanting to explore the medium of Super 8 film.

The Darkroom is Dublin's not-for-profit art space that celebrates the medium of photography and motion film and on July 23rd and 24th they're running an immersive Super 8 workshop.

We are offering a free place on the workshop to an LGBTQ+ filmmaker plus the opportunity to screen your resulting film at GAZE 2022.

To apply, simply send:

* a link to any existing film work you have.

* 100 words or a short audio note saying why you love making film and/or why you’d like to try your hand at Super 8.

* a rough storyboard for a film idea.

The deadline is SOON: midnight July 19th!

Applications and questions should be sent to

Good luck!

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