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Gay Guys Guide to GAZE 2022

There are gay kicks aplenty in our steamy selection for ‘The Art of Cruising’ which pictures intense encounters in the great outdoors that lead to lust, love, loss and even laughs.

A celebration of the contemporary male nude forms the backdrop of Everything at Once: Kink which documents sexual camaraderie and community created around a Spanish gay pictorial magazine.

Gender, cultural and sexual identity hypnotically blur in our opening gala screening of Wildhood where a Two Spirit Native dancer welcomes a fellow road traveller into A previously hidden cultural identity through erotic connection and cultural memory.

Wandering Heart is a gay lifestyle rollercoaster, as sex and partying collide with volatile family life. Don’t miss the spectacular big screen orgy sequence.

Incredible new documentary Jimmy In Saigon uncovers a hidden history through a poignant brotherly lense, while the ‘Delete Your Apps’ shorts block for GAZE Online offers a trinity of outrageous dating app wins and fails that will definitely ring bells.

Also for GAZE Online, the documentary Manscaping looks close up at queer men, intimacy and body image, including the first se- sling shave service we think we’ve seen on film…?

Plus watch out for gay friendships, HIV thrivers and survivors, queer crims and hardcore romance across the rest of our programme, from cinema to online to gallery…

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