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GAZE at The Complex

GAZE International LGBTQ+ Film Festival partners with The Complex to present new queer film in a gallery setting as an official part of our festival programme for the first time. The gallery programme has been curated from work by local, national and international artists.

Please see below for opening hours and our artist in-conversation events.

All events are free and unticketed.

Programmed by Greg Thorpe and Caoimhe Lavelle


Tuesday 4th–Saturday 8th October

Tues–Fri 10am–5pm, Sat 12–5pm

Filmmakers explore the ground that we walk on, the way that we tread, and the things that we move through. The works in TERRAIN are concerned with the queer body in place and space, generating films that are sensitive, sensual and satirical.

Special events

Tuesday 4th October, 7pm: In conversation with Venus Patel

Thursday 6th October, 7pm: In conversation with Osaro Azams

Saturday 8th October, 2.30pm: Gallery talk by Festival Director, Greg Thorpe

Main room:

Eggshells by Venus Patel (Ireland)

Obsidian Black by Osaro Azams (Ireland)

Screening room:

Eyes and Horns by Chaerin Im (Republic of Korea)

ISHTAR by Mia Georgis (United Kingdom)

the occurrence of colours by night by Sophia Lenglachner (Germany)

Tracing Skin by Max Kutschenreuter (Germany)

Mirror Selfie by Gracie K. Wallner (United States)

Viral Oceans by Kevin Magne (Chile)

LOVE SONG by Claire Marshall (Australia)

Expatriate Dreamer by Yihao Zheng (United States)


Tuesday 11th–Saturday 15th October

Tues–Fri 10am–5pm, Sat 12–5pm

Hearing, speaking, listening and story-telling underpin these broad-ranging film works.

Hushed voices, gendered voices, silenced voices and more make themselves heard across

new works expressing a diversity of form and queer experience. 


Special event

Tuesday 11th October, 7pm: In conversation with Austin Hearne

Main room:

Whispers by Austin Hearne (Ireland)

Vikken by Dounia Sichov (France)


Screening room:

Thot Or Not by Dylan Glynn (Canada)

Rex Ray: A Portrait by Kegan Marling (United States)

How To Sex Your Cannabis by Ryan Suits (United States)

Inner Wound Real by Carrie Hawks (United States)

Lana Kaiser by Philipp Gufler (Germany)

MUTYA by Jon Cuyson (Philippines)

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