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Trans Tales at GAZE 2022

The work of trans and non-binary filmmakers has a fierce presence at this year’s festival across all categories, broaching new exciting territory in transgender cinema.

Some choice festival picks include…

The People’s Joker by Vera Drew, almost certainly the most outlandish and ambitious trans feature we’ve ever screened – hilarious, satirical, crowd-sourced genius that revels in fandom and queer artistry.

The People’s Joker will be previewed by Nyala Moon’s How Not To Date While Trans which keeps it realer than real with its funny and frank guide to love and sex for trans folks.

We’re also thrilled to screen the newest film by Lauren John Joseph, whose Child of Polycritus marries Northern English humour, Greek tragedy and a spectacular history of gender variance. Lauren John will be in conversation following their inclusion in ‘The Art of Imagination’ and is staying on in Dublin to launch their incredible debut novel. At Certain Points We Touch. Unmissable.

Plus, watch out for the heartwarming opening night short Elsa; Renate Cavalho’s star turn in Brazilian AIDS drama The First Fallen, which is preceded by the breathtaking River Fork; more exquisite trans masc imagery and heart appears in Death & Bowling (GAZE Online); plus expect to see trans life and artistry popping up throughout the many shorts programmes.

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