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Why So Serious at GAZE 2022

You might be disappointed about the recent cancellation of The People’s Joker at GAZE 2022. But would the Joker want you so glum? Let’s turn that frown upside down and have a look at some fun, weird and freaky films you can see at the festival this year.

For a little mixed media madness you can catch The Art of Imagination, a collection of six short films about the expansive imagination of LGBT+ filmmakers ranging sci-fi, horror, musical, animation and more. The screening will even be followed by a conversation with writer and director Lauren John Joseph, who’ll tell us a little bit about creating strange and sentimental trans art.

On the ‘coming of age’ side, our opening gala film Wildhood is a tale of young people in a hostile world finding joy in their gender and sexuality—and it’s preceded by a hilarious animated short film for more genre-hopping fun.

For those who want to get a little fucked up at the cinema on a Friday night we have a double bill of transgressive classics with The Living End and Pink Flamingos, a fine opportunity to learn the lineage of queer corruption from Divine to Vera Drew.

If you’re into clown costumes and Gotham glamour, The Art of Dress presents seven short films on queerness manifesting in clothing. And lastly, our surprise Audience Choice film will be decided by the cinemagoing public so there’s no better chance for something a little unexpected and chaotic. After all, we live in a society.

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