Saturday 3rd August


Saturday 3rd August - 12:00pm
Light House Cinema


In celebration of the lasting legacy of the Hirschfield Biograph, GAZE presents a retrospective screening of Sebastiane, Derek Jarman’s audacious debut. Shown as part of the spring 1980 programme at the Biograph, the film left an indelible mark on many, through it’s unapologetic and gorgeously realised homoeroticism. 

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Saturday 3rd August - 1:00pm
Light House Cinema


Are You Proud? is a richly detailed documentary encompasses the past, present and debates the purpose of Pride and the future of LGBT+ communities in a post-Marriage Equality era. Featuring detailed interviews with contemporary activists, public figures and a plethora of queer liberation’s trailblazers, Are You Proud? is an incisive and intersectional documentary that revitalises debate and forces us out of our comfortable complacency. The screening will be followed by a discussion scrutinising Pride's radical roots of resistance, it's rise in mainstream consciousness, and the complexities around it's corporatization in contemporary society.

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Saturday 3rd August - 2:00pm
Light House Cinema


Supporting the work of our Irish LGBT community stands of great importance to the ethos of GAZE, and the opportunity to showcase the inspirational work of local heroes is one we are truly privileged to have with Let Your Colours Run Free. Charting the path of TransGreystones, a group created to support the trans community in Wicklow, the film delineates their emotional journey to create their first art exhibition.

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Saturday 3rd August - 3:30pm
Light House Cinema


The greatest stories are not held back by barriers or borders. In this collection
of shorts we take a trip to London via Lebanon, to the jungles of Peru straight
up to the good outdoors of Canada. In each, a new story, unique in its own way, but universal in its sense of empathy, understanding, and desire. Sometimes silly, often sexy, and others shocking in their honesty. Just because they’re short, doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch.

Full info here.

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Saturday 3rd August - 4:00pm
Light House Cinema



This year we lost one of the foremost radical lesbian filmmakers of our time — Barbara Hammer. A traiblazer of queer, feminist and activist film, her work intersected the experimental, narrative and documentary form. As an early pioneer of video art,

her unapologetic depictions of previously hidden lesbian sexuality emboldened and inspired generations of queer women. This year marks the tenth anniversary of her visit to GAZE Film Festival in 2009, and while we deeply mourn her passing, we are honoured to have the opportunity to celebrate her work, life and legacy; to exhibit her visionary provocations of the moving image form, and to introduce a new generation of film audiences to her work in a cinema context.

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Saturday 3rd August - 6:00pm
Light House Cinema


Beloved by LGBT film festivals the whole world over, Marco Berger returns with The Blond One. After years of bringing you to the edge, this time he finally takes you all the way in this seductive and sensual tale of longing from afar.

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Saturday 3rd August - 6:15pm
Light House Cinema


Hinging on the unlikely relationship developed between two lost souls brought together through unfortunate circumstance, Jules of Light and Dark demonstrates the unique connection articulated through queer isolation, and the power of these ties that bind.

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Saturday 3rd August - 8:15pm
Light House Cinema


Lola, a workaholic business consultant, controls every detail of her life with precision and efficiency, optimizing every aspect with assertion and a feigned and strangely clinical confidence. However, just beneath the surface lay a myriad of factors she cannot control - dark family secrets, a lineage of mental illness and a domineering and deceitful sexual relationship with her work colleague. When these factors coalesce, her veneer of discipline and control begins to unravel, causing Lola’s grip on reality to rapidly slip away.

Full info here.

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Saturday 3rd August - 8:30pm
Light House Cinema


Chronicling the volatile life and astounding art of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, master documentarian Ondi Timoner brings factual flare to her narrative feature debut Mapplethorpe, a portrait pulsing with passion, perversity and sexual defiance. Matt Smith (The Crown) brings clarity and precision to Mapplethorpe’s life, from his early halcyon days in the Chelsea Hotel and his mythicized relationship with Patti Smith, to his meteoric rise as an artist, and (homo)sexual awakening and foray into BDSM.

Full info here.

KnifeHeart_Still06 1.jpg

Saturday 3rd August - 10:30pm
Light House Cinema


Set a stylised and atmospheric 1970s Paris, Vanessa Paradis plays Anne, a prolific porn director, upended when she is dumped by her editor, the gorgeous Loïs. But matters get much worse, when her sexy young actors start getting offed before they get off, by a bladed-dildo- wielding psychopathic killer. Targeting these boys at gay clubs, this killer is making a statement, but who are they, and what do they want? Tongue-in- cheek campy fun in places, emotionally captivating in others, and all sonically drenched in a gorgeous haze, thanks to French electronic darlings M83.

Full info here.


Saturday 3rd August - 10:45pm
Light House Cinema


Winner of the 2019 TEDDY Award at the Berlin Film Festival, Brief Story From the Green Planet is a hypnotic and heartwarming trans-galactic story of friendship and family.

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