Saturday 3rd August

YesterGAZE: Sebastiane


Saturday 3rd August


Light House Cinema


2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Hirschfield Centre, Ireland’s first gay resource centre — pivitol in progressing the LGBT movement in Ireland. Central to the Hirschfield was it’s Biograph Cinema, which exposed Irish LGBT people to queer cinema for the first time, with films that pushed the boundaries of identity, sex and sexuality.

In celebration of the lasting legacy of the Biograph, GAZE presents a retrospective screening of Sebastiane, Derek Jarman’s audacious debut. Shown as part of the spring 1980 programme at the Biograph, the film left an indelible mark on many, through it’s unapologetic and gorgeously realised homoeroticism. Recounting the life of the iconic saint, Sebastiane is a puritanical but beautiful Christian soldier in the Roman Imperial troops, who is martyred when he refuses the advances of his pagan captain. RG.

Presented in Partnership with the British Council.

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Country: UK /  Year: 1976 / Run Time: 86 Minutes / Director: Paul Humfress & Derek Jarman

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