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Sunday 4th October

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What if AIDS never happened?


The coronavirus has shown the world what a pandemic looks like. Ordinary citizens have felt it in every part of their daily lives. But the LGBTQ+ community, and gay men in particular, have lived through a pandemic within living memory. More than just lives, the queer community lost a whole generation of our elders: the artists, future politicians, community organisers, and older voices to guide younger ones.


In pseudo-documentary style, The Fathers Project imagines a world in which AIDS never happened, charts the creation of “queer colonies” and posits some fascinating “what ifs” about the future that never was.


Join us afterwards for a panel discussion to dissect and daydream, featuring Chase Ledin of the University of Edinburgh, and Stephen Quinn, performance artist.

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IFI @Home 


Like art, trans identity has many forms and expressions. Witness the best of it in this multi-coloured collection of short films from around the world.


Dungarees / dir. Abel Rubinstein / UK / 2020. 5’

Blake and Cane sort out their relationship the old fashioned way: sex and video games.


Victoria / dir. Dani Toledo / Spain / 2020 / 8’

A quietly affecting story of Ana’s first meeting (and reunion) with Clara.


Kapaemehu / dirs. Hina Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson / USA /  2020. 8’

The ancient gender-fluid spirits of Hawaii make themselves known in this stunning animation.

Dress Up / dir. David Hinsch / USA / 2019. 8’

When the fun of dressing up suddenly becomes an issue, one Dad has a heart-warming solution.


Drifting / dir. Hanxiong Bo / USA, China / 2019. 16’

A visually arresting tale of one family’s quest to protect their children under China’s one child policy.


Lalla / dir. José Salazar / France / 2019. 8’

Lalla and her nephew Zacharias are both going through changes in their lives. Here the two share an intimacy of the unknown.

Lalla is presented in partnership with the French Embassy in Ireland.


Vuelta Al Sol (Birthday Boy) / dir. Judith Corro / Panama / 2020

Brotherly love and understanding emerge strong in this big-hearted Panamanian short.


Tomorrow Tomorrow / dir. Katie Schiller / USA / 2020. 15’

Queer relationships are rekindled at the gravesite of a lost friend.


Free Fun / dir. Fehmi Öztürk / Turkey / 2019. 5’

The unlimited potential of VR is sometimes no replacement for reality in this cheeky and hedonistic Turkish short.

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Cantonese with English subtitles


Pak is a taxi driver who should have retired by now. Every day he follows the same routine with his car, and the same routine with his family. Why change what he has always known? But one day his routine becomes undone forever by a chance meeting with Hoi. They have sex. Hoi, like Pak, is a grandfather. The difference between them is that Hoi is divorced. Will one stray text message be their undoing?


Based on oral histories, Suk Suk is a tender and intimate film that sidesteps the cliches of the narrative we think we know, and explores the very difficult task of being an older gay person in a society that does not know what to do with you. Alongside Hoi and Pak’s late-blooming romance are men who have been fighting for equality for years.

Screening generously supported by The Cupcake Bloke.

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An array of Irish talent from all sides of the border create an excitingly diverse collection of drama, animation and documentary.


Outside the Box / dir. Janet Grainger / Republic of Ireland / 2019. 5’

We’re not a box. We don’t have sides. One side fits all!

Kelly / dir. Solène Guichard / Northern Ireland / 2019. 13’

Two sisters rediscover mementos of someone close, familiar and gone.


A White Horse / dir. Shaun O’ Connor / Republic of Ireland / 2019. 11’

A young woman in 1970s Ireland makes a call home that her parents were long expecting.


The Calamus Emotion / dir. Stiofan O’Ceallaigh / United Kingdom / 2019. 9’

Incantations, time travel and Walt Whitman in a visually arresting experimental work.


Coming Home / dir. Laura Mannix / Republic of Ireland / 2020. 10’

Devin’s childhood exists in these four walls. How do we stop bad memories replacing the good?


From His Perspective / dir. Caleb Julian Roberts / Northern Ireland / 2019. 3’

Three minutes in the life of a young trans man that could change yours in the process.

Welcome to a Bright White Limbo / dir. Cara Holmes / Republic of Ireland / 2019. 11’

Through dance and documentary, Oona Doherty is on a quest for some kind of freedom.


Cailín Álainn / dir. Megan K Fox / Republic of Ireland / 2019. 11’

The Gaeltacht is the place of many firsts, especially for one Pretty Girl.

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“S/M is about finding your own boundaries and moving beyond… claiming your own agency.” So declares one of the protagonists of Michelle Handelman’s boundary pushing documentary from 25 years ago. BloodSisters is not just a time capsule of a radical and close-knit community of sex-positive dykes, nor only a wildly engaging and informative documentary, but a reminder that contrary to what we may think, sex was not first discovered by the current generation.


We meet a multi-ethnic and multi-faceted cohort of S/M dykes who are living their most satisfying lives: tearing down taboos, getting down with terminology that feels refreshingly contemporary and bringing some pleasurably painful practices to the screen. If you’re keen or just curious, BloodSisters will appeal to anyone with a taste for kink, no matter what your gender expression. Give it a try - you might just like it.


Contains explicit content. Over 18s only.


A Filmmaker Q+A will follow this screening


Full info here.


Screening Time:

IFI @Home

German with English Subtitles



Closing the 28th edition of GAZE is a film about youth, life and divided futures. No Hard Feelings is the debut feature by German-Iranian director Faraz Shariat and winner of the TEDDY Award at the Berlin Film Festival.


Parvis is certain of himself: out, proud, stylish and sexual. At a community centre, he meets two Iranian refugees, the brooding Amon and his assertive sister Banafshe. The three connect, but though Parvis speaks Farsi, his future is profoundly different to the others. Matters get more complicated when an intense attraction builds between the two boys.


No Hard Feelings is a unique story of 21st-century immigration. It is also a story of the obstacles that impede so many from the fundamental rights they deserve. Yet at its centre is a tale of queer joy, friendship, community, love and desire. In a year of so much discord, it speaks to the future, as yet unknown.


Presented in partnership with Goethe-Institut Irland.

A Filmmaker Q+A will follow this screening

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