Saturday 3rd August

The Ground Beneath My Feet


Saturday 3rd August


Light House Cinema


Lola, a workaholic business consultant, controls every detail of her life with precision and efficiency, optimizing every aspect with assertion and a feigned and strangely clinical confidence. However, just beneath the surface lay a myriad of factors she cannot control - dark family secrets, a lineage of mental illness and a domineering and deceitful sexual relationship with her work colleague.


When these factors coalesce, her veneer of discipline and control begins to unravel, causing Lola’s grip on reality to rapidly slip away. Lola’s descent into delusion is expertly characterized by lead actor Valerie Pachner, with a marvellous supporting ensemble bolstering the nervously fraught energy of the protagonist.

A daring and confident psychological drama told with clarity and poise, The Ground Beneath My Feet is tense, taut and totally compelling from start to finish. RG.

Presented in Partnership with the Austrian Embassy of Ireland

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Country: Austria / Year: 2019  / Run Time: 108 Minutes  / 

Director: Marie Kreutzer

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