Friday 2nd August

Zen in the Ice Rift


Friday 2nd August


Light House Cinema




Set against the glorious and glacial Italian Apennine mountains, Zen in the Ice Rift is a coming-of-age story unafraid to be bold, brutal and achingly sincere.

Centring on non-binary teenager Zen, the character first appears as cold and icy as the backdrop to their experience, finding their only solace in the local hockey team — an external and physical outlet for their internal rage. Building a strong barrier to repel the constant abuse and bullying they endure at school and hockey practice, Zen is resolved to maintain this steely veneer in defense of their authentic self.


However, when Vanessa, a popular girl who feels similarly misunderstood and alone, becomes drawn to Zen, the two begin an unlikely friendship, one which explores gender identity and sexual fluidity, and reflects an honest and disarmingly genuine portrait of youth on the margins. RG.

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Country: Italy  /  Year: 2018  /  Run time: 87 Minutes /

Director: Margherita Ferri

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