Thursday 28th July                                Time              Screen        Subtitles           Run Time      
Opening GALA Reception 7:00pm Hub
Opening Film – Strike a Pose 8:00pm 1 83 mins
Friday 29th July Time  Screen Subtitles Run Time
Heartland 4:30pm 1 100 mins
A Different Country 4:30pm 2 74 mins
Barash 6:30pm 1 Subtitled 85 mins
Those People 6:30pm 2 89 mins
Viva 8:30pm 1 Subtitled 100 mins
First Girl I Loved 8:30pm 2 91 mins
Theo and Hugo 10:30pm 1 Subtitled 97 mins
Darker than Midnight 10:30pm 2 Subtitled 94 mins
Saturday 30th July Time Screen Subtitles Run Time
YesterGAZE – Free Screening 2:30pm 1 100 mins
Iris Prize Tenth Anniversary Shorts 2:30pm 2 84 mins
Men’s Shorts 4:30pm 1 78 mins
Sarah Prefers to Run + Short 4:30pm 2 Subtitled 106 mins
Uncle Howard 6:30pm 1 96 mins
Girls Lost 6:30pm 2 Subtitled 106 mins
Kiki 8:30pm 1 94 mins
Me, Myself and Her 8:30pm 2 Subtitled 97 mins
Madonna: Truth or Dare 10:30pm 1 131 mins
The Girl King 10:30pm 2 106 mins
Sunday 31st July Time Screen Subtitles Run Time
Queerment Québec Shorts 2:30pm 1 62 mins
GAZE on the Fringe – Shorts + Panel 2:30pm 2 90 mins
Real Boy 4:30pm 1 72 mins
Secret Screening 4:30pm 2 82 mins
Irish Shorts Programme 6:30pm 1 76 mins
Closet Monster 6:30pm 2 90 mins
Upstairs Inferno 8:30pm 1 96 mins
Southwest of Salem 8:30pm 2 91 mins
Monday 1st August Time Screen Subtitles Run Time
Trans Shorts 1:30pm 1 78 mins
Film Qlub: Young Man With a Horn 1:30pm 2 112 mins
Women’s Shorts 3:30pm 1 66 mins
Burroughs 3:30pm 2 86 mins
Heartbeats 5:30pm 1 Subtitled 102 mins
How to Win at Checkers 5:30pm 2 Subtitled 80 mins
Closing GALA 7:00pm Hub
Closing Film 8:00pm 1 127 mins


The GAZE 2016 festival promo is go! Counting down the days to the festival at the Light House Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin from Thursday July 28th to Monday August 1st.





Tuesday 19th July 19:30PM



That’s right everyone, the time has finally come for our annual Table Quiz.
How much do YOU know about pop culture, all things GAZE, and this years programme? Well, come on down to Pantibar and prove your general knowledge on Tuesday the 19th.

Hosted by the Queen of Ireland herself, Dr. Panti Bliss, our annual table quiz is always a highlight. Last years quiz sold out so make sure to nab yourselves some tickets!

Teams are made up of 4 people and the price is 40 euro for a table.Sure, what else would you be doing on a Tuesday night? Nada. Book your tickets early to avoid disappointment!

Book your tickets to this years table quiz HERE