GAZE welcomes the multi-talented actors, comedians and creators of Spicebag, Sarah Devereux and Stephen Quinn, as they guide us by the hand into Queer Cinema’s greatest moments, featuring gleeful script readings to scene breakdowns.
We’re eschewing the obscure European auteurs, instead doubling down on crowd-pleasing movies so shockingly bad you can’t help loving them. We are still a film festival though, so do expect highbrow peaks and messy low-brow troughs, glossy Hollywood and glorious trash cinema. There will be terrible scripts, live flesh, ridiculous characters and awful acting. We will serve you up a plate of Showgirls with a side-salad of Mommie Dearest and a sprinkling of flavoursome Pink Flamingos (if you don’t have high blood pressure). All in that inimitable SPICEBAG style.

October 3rd


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