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Lesbian Lives at GAZE 2022

A trilogy of astonishing documentaries forms the backbone of this year’s lesbian programme at GAZE.

In Her Words: 20h Century Lesbain Fiction is an epic trawl through a century of Sapphic writing from Radclyffe Hall to Sarah Waters. Dozens of your favourite lesbian writers grace the screen with tales of perseverance, radicalism, sex and art. Totally addictive.

Nelly and Nadine awed cinema audiences around Europe with its tale of a mixed-race lesbian couple who met via an opera recital in a death camp and then lived to love and tell the tale. Truly uplifting.

Esther Newton Made Me Gay charts the life and work of this pioneering cultural anthropologist, the first person to seriously consider drag culture and gay bars as a sociological phenomenon. As an out butch dyke, Esther was also one of the first people in her field to be visibly queer and nothing has been the same since. Contains incredible archive footage and a much-needed spotlight on forgotten lesbian ingenuity.

Elsewhere in the programme we offer sex, sass and S&M in the Berlin lesbian underground with Mommy Is Coming; butch and femme pickpockets in Dippers & Oysters (part of ‘The Art of Cruising' shorts programme); a lovable lesbian bowling league in Death & Bowling; young passion in Rural; plus a host of lesbian, dyke, queer and bi directors and actors making waves across our entire programme, including Online and at The Complex.


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