How to Watch Online 

Films that are only available on IFI@Home can be viewed at any
time from the day they become live, but to bring the “Film Festival Experience” to your sitting room, we’ve put in a Suggested Viewing Time for each of these films. Just like in every other year, we want you to have a packed schedule over the festival dates.


Create an Account

To watch films, you need to first Create an Account at and Sign In.


Browse or Search
The full programme of online screenings can be found at www.ifihome. ie/page/gaze-2020.


Buy your tickets early

Just like in the actual cinema, there are a limited number of tickets to view each film so book early to avoid disappointment.


How to Watch Online

As with every edition of GAZE, you have to wait until the festival kicks off to watch your film. If you have pre-ordered films, check the GAZE schedule as they will be ready to view in your library on the day of the screening. Once live, you will have THREE days to watch the film from their premiere date, and TWO days to complete your viewing once you press play. Please note that rentals cannot be reactivated once they have expired. To watch the film straight away, click Play Now, and the film will start.


If you rent a film later in the festival after its initial premiere date, the film will become live in your library for a period of THREE days from the moment of purchase.


IFI@Home supports a wide-range of devices and platforms, converting your living room into your own personal cinema!


Visit for more information on compatible devices.

And while it won’t exactly be the cinema, there’s a few things you can do to create the perfect illusion.

  • Turn down the lights. Use a big TV. Don’t even think of watching these films on an Apple Watch.

  • Get a projector and find a perfect wall at home. The desert island luxury item for our Programmer, even a good second hand one makes all the difference. Does your work have any? “Borrow” one.

  • Sit real close to the TV screen (don’t).

  • Decide with your pals where you want to sit at home. One of you might want to be in the back, and another at the front, so find a solution by sitting somewhere neither of you is happy with.

  • If you need to go to the bathroom, make sure you make everyone stand up regardless if they’re in your way or not. Block the screen too.

  • Make sure you’re with someone who loves absolute silence during a film, and another who always likes to talk. This will make it super authentic.

  • And make sure to check out the bonus content with your purchase at IFI @ HOME, because many of the films will have introductions, Q+As and post-show discussions.